Alabama plays the San Antonio Rodeo!
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Alabama plays the San Antonio Rodeo!

Alabama plays the San Antonio Rodeo!

ALABAMA plays the San Antonio Rodeo
San Antonio, TX
February 14, 2019

Review and Photography by Michael Mullenix

Thursday, February 14th, country music veterans and members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Alabama arrived at the San Antonio Rodeo for an enchanting night of their quintessential classics. After the festivities of the Rodeo itself, a rotating stage was brought out to the center of the court for the legendary band to take the center spotlight and launch out on the appropriate If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band). The crowd was electrified! From there, Alabama played through a collection of their best-known hits, such as Mountain Music, Born Country, Roll On, and Down Home. The band was celebrating their 50th year making music together and in spite of the years on the road, it was fun to see an almost youthful joy on Randy Owen’s face as he extended nearly every song with another round of the chorus. For example, during at the end of the song Dixieland Delight, Owen went to virtually every corner of the arena and had the audience sing “It’s my life, oh so right, my Dixieland Delight.” Watching him maneuver around the stage to get everyone singing along with one of their best-known songs was actually hysterical in a charming sort of way. But of course, being Valentines Day it was all about the Romance in the air. Alabama took two requests by two couples celebrating their anniversaries. One couple, celebrating 52 years of marriage, got the band to play Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go. The other couple, celebrating their 31st, were actually close enough to the band to be invited up on stage and request She And I., Of course, being onstage meant that they had to dance the Texas 2-Step under a spotlight (and they were ready to cut a rug). Ultimately the band closed out on Angels Among Us, sending a star-struck crowd home on a powerful closer to an unforgettable night.


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Michael Mullenix
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