PHOTOS: Corrosion of Conformity at Alamo Music Hall
Photo Credit To ©Michael Mullenix, All Rights Reserved
PHOTOS: Corrosion of Conformity at Alamo Music Hall

PHOTOS: Corrosion of Conformity at Alamo Music Hall

Corrosion of Conformity
Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonio, TX
January 19, 2019

Photography by Michael Mullinex

Saturday, January 19th, Corrosion Of Conformity took over the Alamo City Music Hall for an incredible night of Sludge Metal dominance. Taking the stage and building anticipation with the prolonged intro, the band crashed down on the shrieking notes of their song, Stone Breaker, whipping the crowd in a groove-laced frenzy as the moshpit tore open. Corrosion has always been a band that has blended punishingly heavy riffs with equal parts flowing groove and technical precision, and the band highlighted this playing through their hits like Vote With A Bullet, Paranoid Opioid, and their newest single, The Luddite. A particularly interesting addition to the setlist was the song Seven Days that the band introduced as one of their heaviest offerings. While it did feed fire into the already restless crowd, I can’t help but disagree with the band that it’s not the heaviness that sets this song apart, but it’s complete slide into Doom riffs and Blues vocals. Ultimately though the band had no other way to close the show than the two titanic crowd-pleasers of Clean My Wounds and Albatross, both of which entranced fans with prolonged solos.


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Michael Mullenix
Growing up around the world, Michael developed a taste and appreciation for all styles of music. While studying film making at Boston University, he dove headfirst into a mosh-pit and never came out. It was in Boston that he combined his love of film and photography with his drive and passion for being a chronicler of the underground music scene. After graduation he headed to Los Angeles and for over a decade has worked with some of the top musicians and actors in the entertainment industry. Lured to Austin by the cultural explosion in the music and film scenes taking place there, he relocated two years ago and describes Austin as a cultural Shang Ri La!