PHOTOS: Dead Sara at Antone’s Austin
Photo Credit To © Michael Mullinex, All Rights Reserved
PHOTOS: Dead Sara at Antone’s Austin

PHOTOS: Dead Sara at Antone’s Austin

Antone’s Austin, TX, September 7, 2018
Photography by Michael Mullenix

Back in 2012, LA Post-Grunge Rock band Dead Sara exploded onto the scene making a thunderous first impression with their self-titled album.  Despite an impressive touring schedule with some of the top names in Modern Alternative Rock and releasing an equally gripping follow-up album, the band has seemed more low-key in recent years, leaving most of their fans to believe they were on hiatus.  This past Friday rumors of the band’s demise were proven greatly exaggerated when Dead Sara landed in Austin for a primal night of fist-pumping, punk-infused adrenaline at Antone’s Music Club.  This four-piece took to the humble yet legendary stage in Austin with their acid-spitting hit, Suicidal.  From there it was an audible banquet of punk anthems like Lemon Scent, Mona Lisa, and Heaven’s Got A Back Door.  With gritty yet heartfelt songs like Radio One Two, it is easy to see how this group easily launched an already electrified crowd into an outburst of sing-alongs.  In a surprise move, the band did not end on their seminal hit, Weatherman, but instead sent the Austin audience out into the streets after the political and topical new single, Unamerican!


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About the Photographer

Michael Mullenix
Growing up around the world, Michael developed a taste and appreciation for all styles of music. While studying film making at Boston University, he dove headfirst into a mosh-pit and never came out. It was in Boston that he combined his love of film and photography with his drive and passion for being a chronicler of the underground music scene. After graduation he headed to Los Angeles and for over a decade has worked with some of the top musicians and actors in the entertainment industry. Lured to Austin by the cultural explosion in the music and film scenes taking place there, he relocated two years ago and describes Austin as a cultural Shang Ri La!