ELLE KING Sells out Boulder Theater in Denver
Photo Credit To © Matt Kelley, All Rights Reserved
ELLE KING Sells out Boulder Theater in Denver

ELLE KING Sells out Boulder Theater in Denver

Boulder Theater, Denver, Colorado
May 16, 2019

Photographed and Reviewed by Matt Kelley

Grammy-nominated artist, Elle King, took to Boulder Theater’s stage on Thursday night dawning a ‘bubblegum pink’ Royal Stag hat and a vintage pinstriped suit, in front of a sold-out crowd.
Currently touring her most recent effort, Shake the Spirit (released in October of last year), King effortlessly danced and sang her way through 15 songs even after noting early on to concert goers that she felt she may be losing her voice. In fact, her raspy, soulful tones seem to fuel the patrons’ spirits throughout the evening as they gave an abundance of kudos for the singer pushing through the evening. Without question, Elle’s ability to connect with a crowd was as natural as the tones that filled the theater. Her influence in Soul, Country, Rock n’ Roll, present themselves throughout a diverse set that takes the listener on a journey that is both spontaneous and essential.
Tour dates currently extend all the way into October of this year and can be seen at elleking.com along with the music video to her single, ’Shame’.


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ELLE KING Set List:1. Last Damn Night; 2. Chainsmoking; 3. Shame; 4. Good To Be A Man 5. Baby outlaw; 6. Chained; 7. Told You I Was Mean; 8. Down The Mountain It Girl; 9. Naturally Pretty Girls Drown; 10. Good Thing Gone; 11. Ex’s and Oh’s; 12. Little Bit of Lovin; 13. America’s Sweetheart (Broken)

About the Writer and Photographer

Matt Kelley
Matt Kelley
Originally from North Carolina, Matt moved to San Antonio in 2010 to be with his fiancé. It was only after realizing that he was unhappy with what he was doing professionally that he decided to take the passion he had in music and photography to another level. He left his job and became a student at the Art Institute of San Antonio and started to actively further his knowledge about photography. In December 2013, he completed the Digital Image Management program at the Art Institute of San Antonio.

Matt enjoys working with individuals, groups, musicians, actors, and anyone who wants to create a great experience.