Everclear at Emo’s Austin
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Everclear at Emo’s Austin

Everclear at Emo’s Austin

Everclear at Emo’s, Austin, TX, November 5, 2017
By Michael Mullenix

Last Sunday, November 5th, 90’s Rock progenitors Everclear returned to Austin for the 20th anniversary tour of their 3rd album, So Much For The Afterglow. The show was held at Emo’s to a comfortably packed crowd, and featured all 12 songs from the album and mostly in order (singer Art Alexakis admitted onstage to messing up the order of ‘Father Of Mine’ out of usual touring habit). Starting on the titular track, So Much For The Afterglow, the band then played through the seminal hits such as Buy You A New Life, Everything to Everyone, Amphetamine, and One Hit Wonder. As a reflection of the album 20 years later it is kind of amazing to see what a critical, yet sometimes overlooked cornerstone this was for 90’s alternative rock movement. Admittedly it came out in late ’97, but So Much For The Afterglow is able to incorporate so many different elements such as the heavier riffs of the instrumental El Distorto De Melodica or Punk-laced closer in Like A California King. After all 12 songs had been played the band offered up an encore of extra songs including Everything is Wonderful and Santa Monica.


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Michael Mullenix
Growing up around the world, Michael developed a taste and appreciation for all styles of music. While studying film making at Boston University, he dove headfirst into a mosh-pit and never came out. It was in Boston that he combined his love of film and photography with his drive and passion for being a chronicler of the underground music scene. After graduation he headed to Los Angeles and for over a decade has worked with some of the top musicians and actors in the entertainment industry. Lured to Austin by the cultural explosion in the music and film scenes taking place there, he relocated two years ago and describes Austin as a cultural Shang Ri La!
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