Hall and Oates
Hall and Oates

Hall and Oates

Tickets sold out at lightening speed when Austin’s ACL Live announced that Daryl Hall & John Oates would perform for 103.5 BOB’S Birthday Bash.  Hall & Oates are a class act and from the moment they stepped onto this Austin stage, their legion of fans wasted no time getting up to sing and dance to their notorious pop classics.  This duo started performing back in 1969 and although they have never completely stopped, they now seldom tour together which makes each appearance a much-anticipated event.  Hall & Oates began with ‘Out of Touch’ and sang many of their greatest hits (setlist below).  Joined by a six piece band, including veterans Charlie ‘Mr. Casual‘ DeChant on sax, flute, vocals and keys, and Paul Pesco on guitars and vocals.  DeChant blew the audience away with his ‘Say It Isn’t So’ saxophone solo.  He danced and worked ACL Live with all of the confidence and experience that only a veteran musician can bring to the stage.  What’s always made Hall & Oates unique was their ability to extend introductions and solos with Hall’s soulful voice or spiced-up saxophone numbers.

Although 65-year old Daryl Hall does most of the lead vocals, this duo is not complete with John Oates’ ultimate falsettos and soulful sound.  John Oates may have given up his mustache at 64 but has retained every bit of vocal and musical skillfulness.  Both Hall & Oates are very conscious and aware of each moment that they are operating the stage.  They can still sing and harmonize better than anyone and fans scored big in experiencing this nostalgic blast from the past.

Other than band introductions and a brief mention of Daryl’s internet program ‘Live from Daryl’s House’, chatter is kept to a minimum during their set.  After one hour and only nine songs, the duo bid Austin farewell and left the stage.   Fans most certainly had not heard or experienced enough and thankfully they returned to sing four more spirited songs divided into two encores.  Hall & Oates closed out the evening with ‘Kiss On My List,’ and finally ‘Private Eyes.’   Given the decades of memories and hits, Austin fans would not have complained if Hall & Oates had stuck around for a few more hours.  In the end, Daryl Hall & John Oates could have easily played more of their arsenal of hits but leaving fans wanting more is a tribute to their talent and timeless appeal.


  • Out of Touch
  • Family Man
  • Say It Isn’t So
  • How Does It Feel to Be Back
  • Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
  • She’s Gone
  • Sara Smile
  • Maneater
  • I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)

Encore 1:

  • Rich Girl
  • You Make My Dreams

Encore 2:

  • Kiss On My List
  • Private Eyes


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