Johnny Depp performs ‘incognito’ with Willie Nelson at Rodeo Austin during SXSW
Johnny Depp performs ‘incognito’ with Willie Nelson at Rodeo Austin during SXSW

Johnny Depp performs ‘incognito’ with Willie Nelson at Rodeo Austin during SXSW

Living legend Willie Nelson hit the Main Stage of Rodeo Austin on Sunday, March 9 and mega star Johnny Depp joined him on stage to perform his entire set. Johnny is not only an incredible actor and film producer, but also an accomplished musician. Johnny Depp has been playing guitar since he was a child and it is not uncommon to find him performing with a variety of notable musicians. For an Austin, Texas gig during SXSW however, playing lead guitar alongside Willie Nelson might just be the coolest gig ever.

South by Southwest (SXSW) has just kicked off in Austin and a lot of big stars are slated to appear and perform during the 10-day music, film, and interactive festival. Rodeo Austin, which is running concurrently, is a small portion of what the city has to offer during these early March weeks, but it becomes quite a special part when you combine Willie Nelson and Depp onstage together.

“Lukas Nelson was there, as was Johnny Depp, looking somewhat incognito and was introduced as simply ‘John.’ They were all amazing onstage together. What might have made Johnny stand out a little was his unique style, both in the way he dresses and plays lead guitar.

Incognito ‘John’ joined Willie Nelson on stage in his signature fedora, a blue button-down vest, blue tinted shades and blond dyed hair. Depp fit right in and the on-stage camaraderie was enchanting. Johnny was extremely comfortable as he jammed and interacted with each member of the band.

Willie Nelson wore his signature braids and was in great spirits. This legend’s career has spanned six decades and his catalog boasts more than 200 albums. He’s earned every conceivable award and honor to be bestowed a person in his profession. He has also amassed reputable credentials as an author, actor and activist. What a wonderful surprise!

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