Ke$ha and Pitbull in San Antonio
Ke$ha and Pitbull in San Antonio

Ke$ha and Pitbull in San Antonio

Pitbull and Kesha (Ke$ha) embarking on a double-bill summer long tour together might seem like a strange pairing.   Although the artists share a record label, their styles and fan base are entirely different.  Monday evening at San Antonio’s AT&T Center, the venue was filled with both glittery girls and raging Pitbull fans and lookalikes.  Judging by how many fans came in midway through the evening, Pitbull drew a notably larger crowd, possibly because of his presentation and how the image he has generated translates into a live concert performance.

The party began when Kesha (Ke$ha) took the stage for her hour-long set comprised of her biggest hits. The glitter-loving party girl performed some of her most danceable songs from all three of her albums—everything from her first single ‘Tik Tok,’ to her newest track ‘Crazy Kids.’  For Kesha (Ke$ha), her image is clearly sex, sex, and more sex.  Even as songs like ‘Blow’ and ‘Crazy Kids’ feel like raucous party anthems.  Kesha (Ke$ha) is determined to embody a persona of an over-sexed rebel whose music is secondary to her shouting things like, ‘Now will you guys please take your balls out and teabag your neighbor?’ There is no subtlety, no innuendo, no turn of phase.  From a stripper pole, to dancers dressed like drag queens, to a series of glittering leotards to an inflatable pink hippo, Kesha (Ke$ha) didn’t hold back from delivering a glittery and sexually-charged set.   Her parting words to San Antonio were along the lines of ‘everyone go home and f___ someone.’

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Pitbull has created an image of a cool playboy, ever clad in a black suit, signature shades, and constantly surrounded by gyrating dancers. The Cuban singer’s headlining set featured almost no production except a light show, four dancers and a jumbotron which showcased the many singers that helped launch his career, from Jennifer Lopez to Enrique Iglesias to the most recently, Christina Aguilera.

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For Pitbull, the performance was about playing the hits — his own or anyone else’s. ‘We make world music!’ the rapper yelled at one point, rattling off a list of Spanish-speaking countries.  You could cut through the crowd’s anticipation with a knife – everyone waiting for him to mention what undoubtedly was intentionally left for last. “… and Mexico!” brought the crowd to its feet!

Pitbull gave the audience plenty to love, from parting fireworks to a little sage advice: ‘Pasos cortos, visión larga.’  For his English-speaking fans, ‘Short steps, long vision.’  Pitbull closed down the AT&T Center with ‘Give Me Everything’ – and that’s what he did. This tour may be one city at a time… but Mr. International is global. ‘Pasos cortos, visión larga’ my friends…


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