Luke Bryan with Jon Pardi in San Antonio
Photo Credit To © Michael Mullinex, All Rights Reserved
Luke Bryan with Jon Pardi in San Antonio

Luke Bryan with Jon Pardi in San Antonio

AT&T CENTER, San Antonio, TX, September 6, 2018
Photography by Michael Mullenix

Last Thursday, September 6th, Country fans in San Antonio gathered at the AT&T Center for the twin titan tour of Luke Brian with special guest, Jon Pardi.  The two Country Stars came loaded with varying approaches to the face of modern country; Bryan with his heavy reliance on the more pop-ish, R&B styles and Pardi’s more traditional, soulful vein.  Anyone who has been to a Luke Bryan show knows that he likes to extend his stage out into his crowd, and his AT&T Center appearance was no exception.  The stage featured an extension to a large square platform at the center of the arena that both performers made ample use of.  From this center connection Pardi was able to sway the crowd with hits like Heartache On The Dance Floor and Dirt On My Boots, while Luke Bryan had all the house lights converge on him while delivering crowd-pleasers like Country Girl (Shake It For Me) and Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day.  After a packed setlist of Bryan’s best chart-toppers, he brought the night to a close on the two-part encore of Move and That’s My Kind Of Night!


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LUKE BRYAN Setlist: 1. Country Girl (Shake It for Me); 2. Hutin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day; 3. I Don’t Want This Night to End; 4. This is How We Roll (Florida Georgia Line cover); 5. All My Friends Say; 6. Light It Up; 7. Someone Else Calling You Babe; 8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye; 9. Most People Are Good; 10. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset; 11. What Makes You Country; 12. Kick The Dust Up; 13. Strip It Down; 14. Drunk on You; 15. Crash My Party; 16. Do I / Home Alone Tonight; 17. Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye (George Straight cover); 18. We Rode in Trucks; 19. Good Directions (Billy Currington cover); 20. Drink a Beer; 21. Play It Again; 22. Rain Is a Good Thing; ENCORE: 23. Move; 24. That’s My King of Night

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Growing up around the world, Michael developed a taste and appreciation for all styles of music. While studying film making at Boston University, he dove headfirst into a mosh-pit and never came out. It was in Boston that he combined his love of film and photography with his drive and passion for being a chronicler of the underground music scene. After graduation he headed to Los Angeles and for over a decade has worked with some of the top musicians and actors in the entertainment industry. Lured to Austin by the cultural explosion in the music and film scenes taking place there, he relocated two years ago and describes Austin as a cultural Shang Ri La!