Motley Crue w/Alice Cooper: “All Bad Things Must Come to an End”
Motley Crue w/Alice Cooper: “All Bad Things Must Come to an End”

Motley Crue w/Alice Cooper: “All Bad Things Must Come to an End”

The Alamodome in San Antonio was packed Sunday, September 6, 2015 as Vince, Nikki, Mick, and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, put on one last show… And what a show it was!


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Not that the Crue has ever been known to hold back for a show, but it’s safe to say they pulled out all the stops for this tour…but what else could you expect from the ‘The Final Tour’? The band has officially signed an agreement to cease touring after this tour comes to an end. Tommy Lee brought back the drum-coaster, Nikki battled a bass that doubled as a flamethrower, there were girls (girls, girls) dancing, and more explosions than one could possibly keep up with.

It is a different experience than any other. First off, it’s a Motleyshow. Secondly, as each song passed, as each riff echoed, as every eruption of fire ceased, you realized that it’s probably the last time you will see and hear that live. Very bittersweet. It’s great to go tell everyone, “Hey, I was there for The Final Tour!” In saying that however, you realize that it really is it. You won’t catch them the next time they come through San Antonio because there will be no “next time.”

All that being said, without question, the foursome did everything possible to make sure they gave the fans everything they wanted. Sixteen songs. Hit after hit after hit. A Tommy Lee drum solo of which he spent a good amount of time upside down, looking at the Alamodome patrons, without missing a single beat, and not letting up on the intensity. Mick Mars proved he hasn’t lost a step himself in what must have been a ten-minute guitar solo.

Motley Crue has 30 plus U.S. tour dates before the end of their touring. If you have the chance to go, it’s worth the price for entry. As they’ve said ‘All bad things must come to an end.’

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