Remember the Punks Festival!
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Remember the Punks Festival!

Remember the Punks Festival!

Last Saturday in what is becoming a yearly tradition, the Remember The Punks Festival returned to San Antonio bringing legends of the Counter-Culture with them. This year the festival featured two rotating stages at the Korova Bar in downtown San Antonio, hosting bands like Fear, Street Dogs, The Unseen, Red City Radio, Bigwig, Go Betty Go, Pulley, Big D And the Kids Table, and headlining it all was The Adicts. The rotating stages allows for different concentrations on the different acts to spread between the festival. The outdoor Mainstage hosted a more eclectic mix of mid-90’s alternative punk and ska, while the inside Second Stage concentrated on more traditional 80’s style Punk and Oi bands. To see a more pop-punk group like Go Betty Go outside and then get caught up in a feverish mosh pit during Reagan Youth immediately after is what makes this festival truly unique. Considering that the festival was co-headlined by Punk icons Fear and The Adicts, who’s origins reach back to the 70’s, make it clear that this is celebration of the genre as a whole.



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Michael Mullenix
Growing up around the world, Michael developed a taste and appreciation for all styles of music. While studying film making at Boston University, he dove headfirst into a mosh-pit and never came out. It was in Boston that he combined his love of film and photography with his drive and passion for being a chronicler of the underground music scene. After graduation he headed to Los Angeles and for over a decade has worked with some of the top musicians and actors in the entertainment industry. Lured to Austin by the cultural explosion in the music and film scenes taking place there, he relocated two years ago and describes Austin as a cultural Shang Ri La!
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