REO Speedwagon
REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon

On Friday, December 13, 2013, REO Speedwagon performed at Austin’s ACL-Live at the Moody Theater. Consisting of lead singer/guitarist Kevin Cronin, Neal Doughty (founding member of the band); Bruce Hall (Bass); Dave Amato (Lead guitar/Vocals) and Bryan Hitt (Drums), REO Speedwagon continues to prove that real rock is alive and well and hard work pays off.

REO Speedwagon never fails to completely blow away their audience. From beginning to end, their energy was high and the music never gets old. There is so much to be said for this American classic rock band that has survived over four decades. Sounding pitch perfect, lead singer Kein Cronin opened their set with “Don’t Let Him Go” and the group performed a very solid set for the next two hours.

Formed in 1967, signed in 1971, and fronted by iconic vocalist Kevin Cronin since 1972,REO Speedwagon is a band where the main constant over the decades is a never-ending desire to give their all to their fans, year in and year out. By the early ‘70s, the band’s unrelenting drive, as well as non-stop touring and recording, jumpstarted the burgeoning rock movement in the Midwest. It carved a path that was eventually followed by STYX, Kansas, Cheap Trick and more. REO rode the top of the charts with a RIAA-certified 22 million albums sold in the U.S. and 40 million around the globe, with a string of gold and platinum records and international hit singles.


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Set List:

  • Don’t Let Him Go
  • Music Man
  • Take It on the Run
  • Keep Pushin’
  • Golden Country
  • Can’t Fight This Feeling
  • That Ain’t Love
  • Like You Do
  • Son of a Poor Man
  • Keep the Fire Burnin’
  • (Kevin Cronin solo on acoustic guitar)
  • Time For Me To Fly
  • Back on the Road Again
  • Roll With the Changes


  • Keep On Loving You
  • Ridin’ the Storm Out


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