River City Rockfest delivers heat, hard rock and heavy metal
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River City Rockfest delivers heat, hard rock and heavy metal

River City Rockfest delivers heat, hard rock and heavy metal

May 27, 2017–Held at the AT&T Center in San Antonio and sponsored by Bud Light, blistering heat, swampy humidity, power chords and pinch harmonics filled the air at River City Rockfest. With three music stages, a circus sideshow, and performances by Taking Back Sunday, Buckcherry, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, The Offspring and Def Leppard, the heat didn’t stop the fans from rocking out the Texas heat as it was the largest crowd in its five-year span with over 27,590 in attendance.


Lured by the opportunity for shade, I took refuge from the heat when I spotted an entrance. I was lead to the maw of a demonic clown, an arch that lead me into the pavilion for some much needed rest. There I stumbled upon Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue, a menagerie of freaks, illusionists and fanatics of deviance, the featured Short E. Dangerously, a man representative of his stature due to only being a torso, arms, and a whole lot grit to endure the walk of fire on his hands alone. Along with Short E., the show featured the self-scaled, Erick “Lizardman” Sprague and various other performers of the aberrant kind.


From the Sideshow I camped out at the Best Bail Bonds stage as to get a good view of the stage as to see The Offspring, an all-time favorite of mine. Leadman Dexter Holland opened up with a humorous and humble air to him, aware of the fans devotion and a endurance in overcoming the heat, he graciously thanked us for our commitment and time being there. As apt as he was in his introduction, the band slammed us with all the hits we know and love so well, from my personal favorite “All I Want”, along with “Pretty Fly”, “Come out and Play” and “Why Don’t You Get a Job” the band sounded as good as they ever have leaving no stone unturned, Holland’s unique vocal range raged on and didn’t quit in all its raspy gritty glory. Kudos to The Offspring in leaving me with a killer experience and kudos to Holland in receiving his Ph.D in molecular biology earlier this month

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