Seether’s Poison the Parish Tour Remembers the Alamo City
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Seether’s Poison the Parish Tour Remembers the Alamo City

Seether’s Poison the Parish Tour Remembers the Alamo City

The impending eclipse wasn’t the only thing scheduled to shine on San Antonio this week – the lineup under the sun of the Aztec Theater lit up the stage hard and heavy Saturday night. Big Story and Letters from the Fire’s hard-rocking performances primed the crowd for the night’s headliner – Seether.

The first opening band, Big Story, who had emerged out of the Dallas Deep Ellum scene, came in strong with screaming melodic vocals and driving guitar shining through their high energy set. Guitarist, Jovan Santos – a native San Antonian – made his city proud rocking hard alongside his bandmates as they finished out their second to last show for this leg of the tour. They commemorated it by ending their set with a collective sweaty selfie with the crowd before leaving the stage.



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California-based band, Letters from the Fire, truly set the stage on fire with their set as the second opening act. They came in headbanging hard and heavy – not sparing a bit of energy and passion – and held it through to the end. Lead singer, Alexa Kabazie, sported a Big Story shirt, and much like her male counterpart in that band, could belt it out and used that power to demand an impressively weighty presence from the stage. Their stage presence itself was just as powerful as their music. The entire guitar trio radiated a hypnotic energy, shredding scales on the flying v reminiscent of early metal and most definitely worthy of the sea of devil horns being thrown from the crowd.



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While this was their Poison the Parish tour, Seether only performed three tracks from that album, however brought an equally heavy setlist as the new album’s sound. Silhouetted in backlighting and smoke, the South African band sampled a little something from each of their seven studio albums, including many of their radio hits. Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowry, joined the lineup for the tour lending his hard rock legacy to the set. They opened with a Parish single, “Stoke the Fire” returning to sound of a lot of their early material. They skipped around various records playing songs from throughout the almost-twenty years of the band’s existence, bridging each tune with lingering guitar reverbs. “Rise Above This,” written for Shaun Morgan’s late brother, struck the heartstrings of the audience as they became a sea of nodding heads with the rhythm. A portion of this tour’s proceeds goes towards the Rise Above fund which is a subset under the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education and a cause close to Morgan’s heart. Keeping a consistently dense sound, Seether flowed to heavier beer-raising ballads like “Save Today” into crowd favorites like “Fine Again” and “Fake It.” Reducing to a duo and taking a seat for “Broken” (sans the female part), the crowd sang along as the stage was lit in rays of spotlights. The band rejoined for a cover of Thrice’s “Black Honey” before rounding out the set packing in new tunes with older hits. The pulsing lightshow behind the band during the final song, “Remedy” illuminated the dancing crowd and the temple gods flanking the stage of the Aztec.



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San Antonio has proved their devotion to the rock scene over the years and the crowd that filled this historic venue definitely worshiped these rock groups to the reverence they deserved.

1. Shooting Star
2. Such Things
3. I Can’t Be Alone
4. The Committee
5. Reflex
6. Daydream
7. Rabbit

1. Perfect Life
2. Mother Misery
3. Live a Lie
4. Worth the Pain
5. At War
6. Last December
7. Control
8. Give In to Me

1. Stoke the Fire
2. Gasoline
3. Truth
4. Nobody Praying For Me
5. Rise Above This
6. Save Today
7. Country Song
8. Words As Weapons
9. Fine Again
10. Broken
11. Black Honey
12. Betray and Degrade
13. Fake it
14. Let You Down
15. Remedy

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