PAT GREEN – The self-proclaimed “Jimmy Buffett of Texas”
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PAT GREEN – The self-proclaimed “Jimmy Buffett of Texas”

PAT GREEN – The self-proclaimed “Jimmy Buffett of Texas”

PAT GREEN performs at ACL Live
Austin, TX
February 14, 2019

Photography by Chuck Stanley

Texas songwriter Pat Green played Austin’s ACL Live this past Friday night to another sold-out crowd. Whether it’s Green labeling himself as the “Jimmy Buffett of Texas” or others who have deemed him the “Springsteen of the Southwest”; Green can still bring the steering wheel tapping rhythms that keep his devout audience enthralled.

Pat Green plus the 6-members of his touring band packed their 18-song set with Grammy Nominated hits, Texas chart toppers, and covers. Far be it from me to dissect how his music has garnered a female dominant audience, but the women of Austin outnumbered the men 6 to 1. Coincidence or not, the third song of the set was the Grammy Nominated hit “Three Days,” which sent a sea of South Texas women’s hands in the air as they swayed in their short dresses and cowboy boots.

Throughout their time on the famed ACL stage, Pat Green kept the mood lively, playful and wasn’t afraid to introduce each song with a short story. He proclaimed “Carry On” was his favorite song, but “Crazy” held a special place in his heart. The Texas songwriter says he penned “Crazy,” “right here in Austin” and it was a song for his wife of 19 years. Green recanted to the crowd before they were married, they were living together in sin, no AC and “we’z were close to white trash”.

Maybe Pat and his band attract a female-heavy crowd because he professes his admiration in songs like “Girls From Texas”. They also bridge the gap between country music and straight ahead rock n’ roll with a song like “Texas On My Mind,” which included a ripping electric guitar solo. The finale of the unseasonably warm February Texas night was the 2003 Grammy Nominated “Wave On Wave”. Pat Green’s only Top 10 hit bookended a fantastic night of feel-good Texas Country music that solidified why he can still captivate an audience and sell out venues after 25 years.


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PAT GREEN SETLIST: Me an Billy the Kid; Somewhere Between Texas and Mexico; Thee Days; George’s Bar;Guitars Cadillacs (Dwight Yoakam Cover); Dancehall; Baby Doll; Let Me; Carry On; Songs About Texas; Crazy; Girls From Texas; Feels Just Like It Should

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