RTX 2016 in Austin, TX
RTX 2016 in Austin, TX

RTX 2016 in Austin, TX

RTX was the ultimate experience for every Rooster Teeth fan. Regardless of how familiar they were with the Austin-based production studio, there was something for everyone at RTX. From July 1-3, RTX 2016 took over the Austin Convention Center, the JW Mariott Austin, and the Hilton Austin Hotel and hosted over 60,000 people from around the globe. With the overwhelming amount of attendees, RTX made certain that the special guests and attendees felt safe by increasing the security measures to ensure an optimal experience for everyone. Due to the dedication and organization of the Rooster Teeth community members, RTX functioned like a well-oiled machine and did just what they set out to do.

RTX had a plethora of panels with special guests from various fields of the entertainment industry. Panels for Rooster Teeth’s highly acclaimed internet series, such as RWBY, Red vs. Blue, Camp Camp, and Funhaus, featured their respective cast and crew and discussed the process of making the shows, new content, what fans can expect in upcoming installments, and Q&A’s. There were also many panels geared towards current/aspiring content creators for animation, voice acting, editorial work, cinematography, and getting an in-depth look into the production industry. Additionally, special guests, such as the Game Grumps, ProJared, and Jirard the Completionist, joined in on the fun and hosted their own interactive panels. At each of the panels, the ravenous fans were eager to see their favorite idols and clung to their every word. Whether the panel was for animated series, video game-related content, or educational purposes, they were highly entertaining, extremely informative, and left the audience giddy with glee and sore from laughing.

The overall atmosphere at RTX 2016 was absolutely electric. People from around the world were united as one for their love of video games and all the goodness that Rooster Teeth has to offer. The main hall of Austin Convention center promoted indie video game artists, upcoming game titles, featured countless merchandise booths. The interactive booths were a prominent aspect of the hall. Many attractions included memorabilia, props, and/or even sets from popular moments in Rooster Teeth history. Everywhere you turned, there were people engaged in friendly competition, taking pictures, ogling merch, and stopping to try out indie game developers’ labors of love. RTX embodied everything a convention should aspire to be by bringing people together through a common passion and promoting a sense of community through that bond, all the while providing an entertaining experience


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