Skillet slays The Fillmore in Denver
Skillet slays The Fillmore in Denver

Skillet slays The Fillmore in Denver

Skillet performed at The Fillmore in Denver, Colorado on March 18, 2017

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  1. Feel Invincible
  2. Whispers in the Dark
  3. Sick of It
  4. Rise
  5. Back From the Dead
  6. Awake and Alive
  7. Not Gonna Die
  8. Hero
  9. Those Nights
  10. Undefeated
  11. Comatose
  12. The Last Night
  13. Stars
  14. Out of Hell
  15. Monster
  16. Rebirthing


17. The Resistance

Matt Kelley

Originally from North Carolina, Matt moved to San Antonio in 2010 to be with his fiancé. It was only after realizing that he was unhappy with what he was doing professionally that he decided to take the passion he had in music and photography to another level. He left his job and became a student at the Art Institute of San Antonio and started to actively further his knowledge about photography. In December 2013, he completed the Digital Image Management program at the Art Institute of San Antonio.

Matt enjoys working with individuals, groups, musicians, actors, and anyone who wants to create a great experience.

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