Sick Puppies unleash some ‘Fury’ at San Antonio’s Siesta Fest
Photo Credit To ©Matt Kelley
Sick Puppies unleash some ‘Fury’ at San Antonio’s Siesta Fest

Sick Puppies unleash some ‘Fury’ at San Antonio’s Siesta Fest

Over the course of roughly the past year, Sick Puppies, have been keeping their ‘world crew’ anxiously waiting to see what the trio has in store for their new era. With Bryan Scott taking over duties as front man and guitarist, they’ve set out to show everyone just that. Last night, they took the stage in San Antonio as a part of ‘Siesta Fest’, and unleashed some sounds from their upcoming studio album ‘Fury’.

Sick Puppies played for nearly an hour spanning songs from their first album to their latest and even spilled in a cover of ‘Guerrilla Radio’ by Rage Against the Machine. Scott performed admirably as though he’d been ready for the moment for ages.

Sharing the stage last night with Sick Puppies was The Struts and Buckcherry. Sick Puppies will continue their trek across the country on the ‘Hard Drive Live’ Tour that spans through the better part of May.

‘Fury’ is available for pre order now through the band’s site,

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Matt Kelley
Matt Kelley
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