Theory of a Deadman at the Aztec Theatre San Antonio
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Theory of a Deadman at the Aztec Theatre San Antonio

Theory of a Deadman at the Aztec Theatre San Antonio

Theory of a Deaman, along with Ayron Jones and the Way and Royal Republic at Aztec Theater, October 28, 2017
By Stan Martin

The band from British Columbia, best known for their hits, “Bad Girlfriend”, “Lowlife”, “So Happy” and “Angel”, Theory of a Deadman is currently on tour pushing their new album “Wake Up Call”. With them are two opening bands, “Royal Republic” and “Ayron Jones”. These two openers rocked the house and prepared to crowd for Theory. “Wake Up Call” has a new sound compared to previous albums but still great music.

The lighting was fantastic, the sound was perfect and the energy coming from the stage was off the chain!

Theory of a Dead Man consists of: Tyler Connolly- Vocals / Guitar,  Dean Back- Bass,  David Brenner- Guitar,  Joe Dandeneau – Drums

Royal Republic comes from Sweden and brings forth an incredible amount of energy to the stage. They interacted with the audience and there was never a dull moment with these sharp-dressed men.

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Theory of a Deadman Setlist:1. When I See You Dance With Another; 2. Walk!; 3. Make Love Not War (If You Have To Make War, Make Sure To Make Time To Make Love In Between); 4. Strangers, Friends, Lovers, Strangers; 5. Weekend-Man; 6. Kung-Fu Lovin’; 7. Baby; 8. Tommy-Gun; 9. (Battery – Metallica snippet); 10. Full Steam Spacemachine;

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